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Instant Reviews is disrupting the paradigm for product page social proof. It's like rocket fuel for e-commerce.

Same Day Reviews

No more waiting 10-14 days to collect social proof.

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Compared to the tradition review process.

99% Positive

Customer feedback at it's best: right after checkout.

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Average impact, proven on over 1m sessions of rigorous AB testing.

Social proof that's easy to collect, boosts revenue, and looks great

Instant Reviews has revolutionized the way ecommerce stores think about the review process. Traditional reviews take lots of time to collect, have negative sentiment, and have a very low attachment rates.

Instant Reviews solves these challenges by repositioning the review process on the post purchase thank you page. This one change has completely supercharged the review process. We have seen an increase in attachment rates, increase in the amount of reviews collected, and an increase in positive sentiment.

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How it works


Customers checkout and leave reviews

Our thank you page experience is frictionless, driving over 50% of customers to leave product reviews.


Visitors see reviews and gain trust

The more the merrier. Reviews are immediately shown at the product page once they are collected.


More people purchase your products

The high volume of recent positive feedback yields more conversions, more reviews, and so the cycle goes.

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Start gathering reviews in under five minutes.

Instant Reviews is easy to set up and integrate. With our native Shopify integration, you can start collecting reviews today.

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